Our Services

National Restoration is a commercial and residential property restoration company in the metro Atlanta area that offers a wide range of services. As a property owner you deserve the best service and quality. Our mission is to provide you with our best price and materials for your  project. If your property has been damaged by trees, water, or fire, or if you need general maintenance, give us a call for a courtesy estimate or inspection.


To increase the overall thermal performance and help reduce heating and cooling costs, our team brings the best industry knowledge and expertise to improve your property by providing siding installation, replacement, and repairs.


Over time, your gutters will develop waste remnants from rain, leaves, and tree branches. To allow the gutter system to divert rainwater away from your home properly and to prevent it from clogging up, we provide cleaning and replacement services. Our efforts will prevent water damage to your roof such as rotting, deterioration, and mold in shingles.


For external walls, our work includes pressure washing, scrape and prime where it is needed, caulking, and painting. For internal walls, our work includes fixing cracks on walls and ceilings, trimming, filling in holes from nails, caulking, and painting.


Does your roof have some age on it? Maybe you have recently noticed water spots on your ceilings after a heavy windstorm, rain, or hail. If so, our team of professionals will give you a full free inspection which includes the general wear and condition of your roof, water sealing integrity, current or potential leaks, and weather damages. After we review your roof, we will work with you to understand all the affordable complete roof replacement and repair options that are available.

We work with all major insurance providers in the market and have a customized approach to ensure we quickly resolve all of your property damages in a satisfactory manner.

Need help? Contact us today for a free inspection!